Aug 312013

What is it that you are trying to re-create? What was the feeling that came from the first time? Why do you keep going back when you know it doesn’t last? In fact the suffering is longer than the ‘ah’ moment?

What was that moment, that oneness when you felt everything and nothing?

You are not alone in your struggle and it’s not your fault. We all have that yearning to get back to the feeling of oneness and belonging.

When you can start to look at addiction from this stand point, it can allow space from the addiction without shame or self-judgment. My view is not just text book. I have also lived through a life of addiction. I now view my addiction years as receiving a Masters Degree with high honors. After completing my masters I worked in the corporate, government and private sector, but all the time studying human behavior and searching for answers and explanations about why we do the things we do. And now I would like to share them with you.

Addiction is the number one disease of our civilization. I see it permeating throughout the world. Diseases such as cardiovascular, many types of cancer, infectious diseases are linked one way or another to addiction. Addiction to toxic behavior, toxic substances, toxic relationships, environments all create toxicity in the body and mind.

My way of being with you will be gentle, authentic and non-judgmental.

If you would like to stop your addictive behavior. Please call or book an appointment and we can get to the core of your hunger.

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