College of Complimantary Medicine Students


Ok so you’ve decided to enter the world of Transpersonal therapy or you’ve already been in such a landscape already…so how is it for you?  Do you have a Transpersonal counsellor with whom you connect? Do they understand the course curriculum?

I was a double dipper! Meaning, I did a Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy and Transpersonal Counselling.

My student experience at CCM was a mixture of feelings of elation, challenges, freedom, self-sabotage, clarity, confusion, fear and love. Sometimes all in the same day!  

Ah yes…my first break-through moment…well it felt more like a break-down at the time. Here we all were. It was the second or third module so we were still all shiny and new. Anyway we were working with clay and well…the clay just wasn’t working with me. I sheepishly started to look around at my classmates work. Oh dear! They all had master pieces and I couldn’t even get my clay to mould into anything. It was still a weird blob of nothing.

I started to get agitated, I felt that familiar hot wave starting at the base of my gut, moving up through my body. “Yikes!” I thought, “Hold it together, I don’t want to be the first one to crack up. I mean I’ve done so much work on my stuff…spiritual, energetic, healing, shamanic…I can’t let a blob of clay be my undoing. Oh”. I thought, “it must be the clay, yes that’s it, I got the dodgy bit of clay”!

I took it up to the teacher, knelt down in front of her feeling like a small vulnerable child, ” I started to speak “there’s something wrong with my clay “, a waterfall of tears streamed down my face, I was lost, confused, alone and bewildered.

My teacher spoke to me gently with a reassuring calm voice, “Petrina do you have a counsellor?” yes I said mirroring her calm tone. “Do you think you could hold this until you see your counsellor?”

The work you are doing at CCM is very deep and transformative, it is a practitioner course which means you are responsible for self-care, the same as when you are a practicing counsellor or therapist.

As your counsellor I will help you manage and establish a strong foundation to grow from student to counsellor. I will support your journey of transformation and hold sacred space for you during our time together.

As a past student and now a practicing counsellor I understand the CCM curriculum, assignment structure and the challenges of each module and how unexpected emotions may come forward to be addressed at unexpected times. 

I will ensure we keep a good connection and book your sessions in advance to ensure a time and day that fits in with your workload and modules. Time will go very quickly while you’re busy with assignments, modules and required reading, if you are able to share your work load with a transpersonal counsellor you will enrich your experience.

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