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A counselling session will be different for each person. However if you are new to counselling or to my website, it may help to get a sense of the style of counselling I offer and what may occur during a session.

I offer the following paragraphs as navigational tools for you to explore. However, they are not a necessary part of the experience. This time it’s all about you, your needs, desires and wants. I invite you to be a co-creator in the process. Your communication about what you want, desire and need is vital.

The counselling relationship

It’s important to find a counsellor who feels right for you. A positive client-counsellor relationship is a necessary ingredient for a successful outcome. The counselling relationship is usually formed within the first few contacts. A counsellor may have a string of qualifications or be very successful in their field but if the client doesn’t feel comfortable, then it’s not going to be beneficial for the client. As a counsellor my intention is to understand you and get a sense of how it is for you in your world. With awareness and gentleness I step into your world to look at what is meaningful and how your situation presents itself. My counselling process is gentle, client centred, very human but more importantly it’s all about you, your life, dreams, pain, joy, needs and what gives you a sense of meaning and value in the world.

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Talking therapy

The next layer of counselling to help you explore your life is talking.  As you talk, the counsellor, actively engages by listening and asking questions.    As you speak about what is happening you, the issues you are dealing with may rise to the surface and we may be able to look at them together. Often speaking can help you become clearer or calmer, knowing that you don’t have to carry a load inside or be alone in your situation. When we truly talk about our lives in depth we can often see our story unfold, and realise how events have shaped our life, beliefs and values. Through a process of speaking we can uncover what belief systems are not serving you. The process of sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences can be powerful, enlightening and liberating.

Allowing emotions to guide

Emotions and feelings are like barometers that guide us to places that need our attention. During a session I may invite you to deepen your experience with an emotion or advise you not go into the emotion until you feel it is safe to do so. Letting emotions flow that have been stuck or pushed down can help to understand why we do the things we do and how we have a choice to change if that is what is requested. You will always work at your own pace and will not be expected to enter an exploration that you are not ready for or feel uncomfortable participating in.


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