Energetic Healing


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Energetic Healing encompasses a variety of healing techniques such as Reiki, Aura and Chakra balancing, Vibrational Essences, Shamanic Healing, Color Therapy and Spiritual Healing.

You don’t need to be sick to benefit from energetic healing, you may want to connect more with your spiritual or intuitive side, or you might want to feel more joy filled and enthusiastic about your life.

Petrina is trained in all of these modalities and may intuitively be called to use two or more techniques in a session, this will depend on your needs and what you would like to gain from the session.

The combination of intuitive skills and practical theoretical skills is a perfect combination to help shift and manipulate energy circuits in your physical or subtle bodies, this will help you to regain balance and bring peace and healing to your body.

When your  body is functioning better your energy lifts and you’ll be in a better position to heal faster, have a clear focused mind, a stable emotional body, your true nature will shine and your soul purpose will become attainable.


What Is Energetic Healing?


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