Aug 082013

Hypnosis is a very natural, relaxed, comfortable and immersed state. Hypnosis is not sleep. However it’s similar in the sense that it feels like those moments just before you drift into sleep.

It’s easy to drift into sleep from a very relaxed hypnotic state. However the aim is for you to stay awake and hear everything. If you do drift into sleep I may gently wake you.

In a hypnotised state you are always in control, but much more open to positive suggestions that can help you with the changes you want to make.

You can wake-up at any time, if you wish. In a hypnotised state you can ‘wake up’ at any time – you are always in control. However clients are generally so relaxed that they are happy to go with the flow.

Hypnosis is a profoundly relaxed state similar to the feeling of drifting into sleep. You will still be aware and relaxed throughout the session as you re-organise your thoughts, behaviors and beliefs in a more positive way.

As with any new skill, repetition and practice really benefit you. To get the maximum benefit it’s really important to keep building momentum.

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