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I want to be intuitive, more spiritual and shine!

Spiritual Healer

Counselor Spiritual Healer Therapist

We are all intuitive, spiritual and have our own innate wisdom

.OK so the conversation goes like this “Wow she/he looks amazing, I don’t know what it is but there’s something really special about her/him, they kind of have this sparkly peaceful confidence, yes I definitely want what they’ve got”.

Well the good news is, it’s not about being slimmer, taller, and richer or being born with perfect bone structure it’s all about you and what you are already blessed with and, enticing those sparkly bits, that I know you have, to come out and play.

Let’s get familiar with the vibe!


Spiritual Healer Counselor Art Therapist


Have you ever had a moment when everything seemed to line up for you? A moment of bliss while watching a sunset, a baby laugh, sitting in nature, your pet look at you with unconditional love. A moment when a smile touched you so deep inside that you felt a tear at the corner of your eye. A moment of peaceful, surrender and trust, as you just drifted into sleep. Those are the moments and feelings that we want more of in our life. That is when our physical aligns with our spiritual and we are living our spiritual life with an open heart.


To live your spiritual life with an open heart is to bring all of you here in this moment! Call in all the parts that make up you and be here now. I’m not talking about when you meet that special someone, or when you get home, or when you’re on holiday, I really mean now reading this message from me to you. Just take a minute breathe in and out and bring yourselves here, to this moment. How did that feel?

Let’s get our wings on!

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At first it may seem awkward navigating around with your environment and you will need to consciously use your wings of awareness but after a time it will come naturally to be present in your own beauty and the beauty that surrounds you. There is an abundance of support and information around us and we can tap into it, no matter where we are.

This is some of the territory we may visit;

  • Your exquisite dream life
  • Intuition and where in your life do you hear the whispers
  • Your creativity and how it likes to communicate with you
  • Mindfulness – the art of consciously bringing awareness to your here-and-now experience, with openness, interest and receptiveness

Sparkly benefits

  • You’ll be The One
  • living with a spiritual open heart
  • to be fully present, here and now
  • to become aware of what you’re attracting
  • to become more connected to yourself, to others and to the world around you
  • to increase self-awareness
  • to increase pleasant experiences
  • to learn the distinction between you and your thoughts
  • to have more direct contact with the world, rather than living through your thoughts
  • to learn that everything changes; that thoughts and feelings come and go like the weather
  • to have more balance, less emotional volatility
  • to experience more calm and peacefulness
  • to develop self-acceptance and self-compassion
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