Aug 072013

It’s time to put your wings on

In psycho-spiritual counselling we are informed by myth and metaphor, images from the imagination, dreams and dream-like interpretations of the day’s events. There is a basic belief in psycho-spiritual counselling that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and, the spiritual world has ways of informing the psyche.
That information comes from many sources and is heard through attunement and mindfulness. The spiritual world has ways of informing the psyche.

The Psycho-spiritual approach integrates both psychological growth and spiritual attunement, seeing therapy not as a ‘cure to crisis’, but as a support for each individual on their particular journey. Indeed, crises are not seen as problems, but as stepping stones for greater spiritual emergence and opportunities for growth.

Known as the fourth force in therapy, the Psycho-spiritual approach builds on traditional theories of human growth. However in addition it also includes recognising and accessing higher consciousness through such tools as meditation, imagery, metaphor, visualisation, creative arts, awareness, intuition and inner attunement


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