Shamanic Healing


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What is Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is a method of healing that looks at any dis-ease and life challenge as interconnected to all that is.

Shamanic healing only works if a person needs help, it’s not like Reiki healing where a person can experience healing even if they don’t necessarily need a healing, it can just be a pleasurable experience to receive, relax and rest.

In Shamanic healing there are a couple of things that may be happening, either there is energy inside a persons body that doesn’t belong to them and needs to be taken out or there is energy outside a person that needs to come back because it belongs to them.

Shamanic healing focuses on how great the persons need is, we look at what the persons Soul is wanting to express in order to make it whole. The persons need helps drive the practitioners energy on that persons behalf.

What also makes Shamanic Healing different from other forms of energetic healing is the journey of the shamanic practitioner. Whenever the shamanic practitioner is working they will go into a trance state so there spirit helpers can work through them on behalf of the person needing help.

During a shamanic healing session I may use a rattle, drum, flute or my voice to call in different spirit healing masters, helpers, ancestors and other aspects needed to complete the journey.



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