Aug 282013


What does it mean to live in spiritual light? How do I live with a spiritual heart when I have to work in an unsatisfying job everyday, I’m stuck in traffic, my relationship broke up and I have no money?

Please explain…

OK, there are two key words here:

  • LIVE – yes, we are living beings with all the beautiful sparkly bits and all the not so sparkly shadowy bits that make us part of a human being.
  • The other important word is SPIRITUAL. What comes to mind for you when you hear this word…angels, higher realms, misty beings, perfection? So as a human being how do I access a higher realm and live in spiritual light?

Time to get your wings on!

You have all the delicious ingredients you need to live in alignment with your spiritual heart.

Here is the secret. Are you ready?

To live in your spiritual heart is to be here now.

The journey of your spiritual heart is not out there in time and space. It is flowering inside you now.


We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Therefore we have an abundance of information and support around us to access our spiritual selves and live in alignment with our physical and spiritual being.

I can guide you to recognise and access higher consciousness through such tools as meditation, imagery, metaphor, visualisation, creative arts, awareness, intuition and inner attunement.

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