Aug 072013

When you can't find the  words to fit the feeling

When you can’t find the words to fit the feeling

Have you ever been lost for words but the feeling you had in your body was so intense that you thought you would explode?

Sometimes words just aren’t enough to express a feeling. Sometimes we don’t know why these feelings are there.

In Transpersonal Therapy we acknowledge that, as human beings, we exist in a spectrum of consciousness. Within that spectrum there are many ways to experience who we are. For example, we can do this through dreams, focused thought and meditation, sleeping, anger, dancing, fear, painting and creative writing, just to name a few.

The word trans-personal means to go beyond the person or ego, where there is an extension of personal boundaries, and into a realm of the transpersonal. This allows a counsellor to look at the greater picture that goes beyond personality, belief systems and thoughts.

The core focus of transpersonal work is meaning, connection, happiness and self-realisation.

Transpersonal Counselling does not view life as a series of random events that happen for no reason but rather, views events in our lives as rich with purpose and meaning. The secret is unlocking the nature of our true essence, and transcending fear and separation to find love and oneness with the universe. Knowing that experiences in our lives have a purpose can help us to get through difficult times.

From the Transpersonal Counselling perspective, difficulties that are encountered are not viewed as problems that require fixing, but as indications that a greater potential within is unfolding. The intensity of symptoms relates to the intensity of the healing process.

The goal of Transpersonal Counselling is not merely to stop symptoms, but to discover what they have to teach us. These symptoms are pointing the way to healing and growth in our lives.

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